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Company History

HFS Accountants was established in 2000. The focus of the business in the early years was to provide first-class taxation services to individual & corporate clients. Tax services remain an important part of our business today. In 2007 we broadened our services to include book-keeping, accountancy & business consultancy.

The media is guilty, in our opinion, of talking up the recession. It would be better to focus more on the good news stories of business start ups & businesses that have changed to survive & prosper.

Your Partner in Good Times & Bad

Sometimes unpalatable decisions must be taken. Sometimes changes we don’t want to make become necessary. HFS Accountants stand shoulder-to-shoulder with our clients through the bad times. Through good times & bad, business planning is vitally important. That’s why, at HFS Accountants, business planning is behind all the services we provide.

A Bright Future

We look forward to the future with great optimism. The global recession is showing signs of ending. The traffic that choked Mountrath for years has been relieved. We are fortunate to be able to locate our offices at this fantastic building. We are surrounded by innovative, hard working & dedicated people.

Working together we see a more prosperous future.